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My Casino in Nigeria

When speaking about a casino, people usually mean a facility housing different kinds of activities always associated and related to gambling. Fairly enough it is the first issue that comes to minds. However, casino has grown to the entire culture with its rules, traditions and laws. We can speak a lot about its cons and disadvantages, but it is only one side of the numerous issues related to casinos. 

Anyway, let’s start with generally accepted associations. The first and foremost is Vegas. We imagine luxurious hotels or restaurants with casinos comfortably located inside. Wealthy people come here to leave their money, and there is always someone trying out their luck: everyone is aware of beginner's luck. Then someone wins a prize, gets drunk and starts looking for adventures. The winner probably marries right that night in Vegas. And here we come close to the other common association: films. 

 One of the most famous is crime movie Casino directed by Martin Scorsese, which came out in 1995. It is the next Scorsese’s collaboration with Robert De Niro, and it is one of the first films about gambling culture and industry based on non-fiction story. Another famous movie, one of the most favorite ones, is 21, also based on a real story. This time we meet well-trained ingenious students, who want to make easy money and know how to do it. 

 And regardless of associations and beliefs talks about casinos are always controversial. When being mostly positive in economic consequences, they are often negative in social and psychological senses. For instance, in some states of the USA, casinos are legalized, as they are significant for the economic development. This is a common thing for regions with little developed tourism industry. In some other cases, casinos become places of culture interest. Besides hosting gambling entertainment facilities, they also host concerts, various sports events and stand-up comedy performances etc. Maybe this fact can be explained by the initial meaning of the word? It comes from Italian ‘casa’, which was used not only for house. It also denoted a small villa or summerhouse in the countryside, which served as some kind of a social club. 

 While being a truly socializing activity, for some people casinos become the one-sided activity, causing addiction and thus damage in work, socializing and personal life. And here is the paradox: when casino houses were created for socializing, the first gaming place ever created wasn’t called a casino. 

 Evolving in time, casinos have successfully moved to the online space, changing some rules and strategies but staying true to their major purpose, as a great number of various services and entertainment facilities. Some would say it is another way to bankrupt people while making them even lazier. Still, online casinos are the obviously popular place for fun and entertainment, which usually also has to face certain users’ demands. But it is quite a different story.